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My name is Jared Shapiro and in January of 2019 I decided it was time to stop being fat and get fit! I’ve always been active, between sports and schools, martial arts and working retail, being on my feet and moving around was never the problem.  The problem I came to realize was in my other habits, mainly eating.  I always had some excuse why I wasn’t losing weight but in reality, you can’t have fast food for every meal (well it wasn’t EVERY meal) and expect to burn off all the calories.  In January, I read Diamond Dallas Paige’s new book Positively Unstoppable and it changed a lot of my outlook on life, fitness and food.  I took DDP’s example of “Living at 90” and got to changing what I could in my life and not worrying about what I couldn’t.  This blog is my journey from fat to fit and I hope you join me along the way.

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